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Making a donation is quick and easy and whatever you give will help us to change lives

Christmas donations 2018- toiletries, gifts packs and children’s presents
We’re afraid that we can’t accept any more non-cash gifts this Christmas, 2018. We have two partnerships that will provide enough gifts for the women and children we’re working with. Thank you for thinking of supporting us though. Please consider making a cash donation instead – if you can.

If you would like to donate a cash gift today and help us support more women and children, here’s what your money will help acheive:

  • £25 could help us take a call on our 24-hour Helpline and then support a woman to get the help she needs after the call*
  • £50 could provide a week’s food for a woman and her children if they have access to money
  • £177 could house a woman or a child in our refuge for a month
  • £450 could help a woman and her children set up her new home after leaving our refuge
  • £3,000 could pay for a 10 week healthy relationships course for 12 women, helping to break the cycle of abuse. Find out more about our freedom programmes here.

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