Keeping safe

You can take practical steps now to help keep yourself and your children safe

  • tell someone you trust about the abuse
  • call our 24 hour Helpline on 0808 800 0340
  • teach your children how to call 999 in an emergency, and tell them what they would need to say (their full name, address and telephone number)
  • have an escape route planned, so that in an emergency you and the children can get away safely
  • arrange a code word with your children that lets them know they need to leave or get help
  • pack an emergency bag for yourself your children, or if this is not safe, keep things that you might need quickly, together in safe places. Items such as benefit books, keys, money, bank cards, mobile phone, clothes for you and your children and children’s special toys. If possible leave these things with a friend, family member or at work. Remember, you can always return to collect other possessions with a police escort if you need to
  • keep important documents handy in a safe place (make photocopies if you can’t take originals):

birth and marriage certificates
driving licence
address book and telephone numbers
house documents
bank details, cheque books, credit cards, national insurance and NHS numbers
papers relating to the abuse (police reports and court orders)

  • if you can, arrange somewhere to stay in an emergency: a trusted friend or family member
  • try to keep your mobile phone with you and always know where the nearest phone is


If you think that you are in danger of attack, try and get out and get to a telephone. Stay away from areas where they may be knives or weapons such as the garages or the kitchen.

WAIS contact numbers:
Helpline: 0808 800 0340
Referrals: 0115 947 6490
Office: 0115 947 5257

Next steps

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence, call our free 24 hour Helpline on 0808 800 0340.  We offer a listening ear and practical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can also arrange emergency accommodation and refuge.


Hearing impaired? Call us using Text Relay
To make a textphone call:
dial 18001 + helpline number
To make a telephone call:
dial 18002 + number
Instant interpretation
Available from Language Line 


You don’t have to put up with abuse.

Women and children who are affected by domestic abuse have rights under the law and there is support waiting for you if you need it. 


Survivors handbook

If you are frightened for yourself or your children or concerned about someone else, there are things you can do to keep safe. National Womens Aid have produced a Survivors Handbook which gives easy to understand advice on every aspect of dealing with domestic violence, including how to keep yourself and your children safe, explains about your rights and the legal system, money and housing issues and also surviving after abuse.